Suosikki 9/1981

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Suosikki
Publisher Lehtimiehet Oy
Editor in Chief Jyrki Hämäläinen
Sub-Editor Erja Halmevaara
Editor Elina Sykäri
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Martti Weckroth
Photography Fred Ohert
Contributor Andy Gray
Contributor Armando Gallo
Contributor Jan Storm
Contributor Åke Granholm
Contributor Ulla Ennulat
Contributor Dino Ustinov
Contributor Ritchie Yorke
Contributor Erkki Pälli
Contributor Merja Halmevaara-Molarius
Contributor Erkki-Pekka J. Helle
Contributor Hannele Willberg
Contributor Markku Veijalainen
Contributor Hector
Contributor Freeman
Contributor Kikke Herlin
Contributor Arja-Liisa Lehtinen
Contributor Juho Juntunen
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Rolf Johanson
Advertising Ilkka Lumiaho
Advertising Anja Sartokari
Printed by Helprint Oy
About/Subject Shakin' Stevens
About/Subject Rockabilly
About/Subject Crazy Cavan and The Rhythm Rockers
About/Subject Disco Music
About/Subject Riki Sorsa
About/Subject Hurriganes
About/Subject Sex Pistols
About/Subject Whitesnake
About/Subject Status Quo
About/Subject Marlon Brando
About/Subject Tuomari Nurmio
About/Subject Tapani Kansa
About/Subject Paul Oxley's Unit
About/Subject Jerry Sultsina
About/Subject Elvis Presley
About/Subject John McEnroe
About/Subject Gene Vincent
About/Subject Jack Nicholson
About/Subject Burt Reynolds
About/Subject Roger Moore
About/Subject Break
About/Subject Dave Edmunds
About/Subject Juice Newton
About/Subject Toyah
About/Subject Kim Carnes
About/Subject Dave Lindholm
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
ISBN 787507-1-09
Price 15,00 mk
Format Magazine
Publication Location Finland
Page Count 240 pages
Language Finnish
Notes 20-year anniversary issue.


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