Leo Katcher

The Big Bankroll: The Life and Times of Arnold Rothstein


Main Details
Author Leo Katcher
About/Subject Arnold Rothstein
About/Subject Mafia: American
Publisher Arlington House
First Published
First Hardback Printing
Identifying Codes
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 58-12452
ISBN 0-87000-165-5
Format Hardback
Publication Location The United States of America
Page Count 369 pages
Language English
Chapters Contents
Preface and Acknowledgement: ix
Chapter One: Gunshot Wound (Fatal). Page 1
Chapter Two: I Always Gambled. Page 11
Chapter Three: Look Out for Number One. Page 30
Chapter Four: A Well-known Sportsman. Page 46
Chapter Five: Better Luck Next Time. Page 57
Chapter Six: Outward Order and Decency. Page 72
Chapter Seven: Sir Charles. Page 87
Chapter Eight: A Tailor-made Man. Page 98
Chapter Nine: Pigeons and Partridge. Page 106
Chapter Ten: Six Seconds-Three Firsts. Page 116
Chapter Eleven: The Man Who Fixed the Series. Page138
Chapter Twelve: The Record Is Barren. Page 149
Chapter Thirteen: Mr. Arnold. Page 165
Chapter Fourteen: He Popped Up Everywhere. Page 181
Chapter Fifteen: File #77. Page 194
Chapter Sixteen: The Secret Self. Page 213
Chapter Seventeen: A New Nation. Page 226
Chapter Eighteen: An Amazing Pertinency. Page 238
Chapter Nineteen: Who's for Italy? Page 255
Chapter Twenty: The Workingman's Friend. Page 266
Chapter Twenty-One: The Juice of the Poppy. Page 287
Chapter Twenty-Two: With Me, It's Brains. Page 300
Chapter Twenty-Three: Things Are Quiet Here. Page 313
Chapter Twenty-Four: His Usual, Normal Self. Page 326
Chapter Twenty-Five: The "Fix" Is In. Page 336
Chapter Twenty-Six: No One. . . Resembles Him. Page 349
Bibliography: Page 355
Index: Page 359
A section of illustrations will be found following page. 116
Notes This is a biography of professional gambler Arnold Rothstein from New York. It is by Leo Katcher. The copyright date is- 1958, 1959. No edition is listed.


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