Guy Waterman, Lowell H. Schreyer, Edward A. Berlin

Ragtime: Its History. Composers, And Music


Main Details
Editor John Edward Hasse
Author Guy Waterman
Author Lowell H. Schreyer
Author Edward A. Berlin
Author Gunther Schuller
Author Michael Montgomery
Author Trebor Jay Tichenor
Author Neil Leonard
Author Addison W. Reed
Author Marvin L. VanGilder
Author S. Brun Campbell
Author Max Morath
Author Tom Davin
Author John Edward Hasse
Author Roland Nadeau
Author Frank J. Gillis
Author Guy Waterman
Author Joseph R. Scotti
Author James Dapogny
Author Thornton Hagert
Author Ronald Riddle
Author Norm Cohen
Author David Cohen (4)
Author Philip J. Moe
Publisher Macmillan
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-333-40516-1
Format Soft cover
Publication Location London
Page Count 400 pages
Language English
Chapters See images


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