Pamela Sargent

Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years, Science Fiction by Women from the 1970s to the 1990s


Main Details
Editor Pamela Sargent
Introduction by Pamela Sargent
Notes by Pamela Sargent
Imprint Harvest
Publisher Harcourt Brace & Company
Copyright Holder Pamela Sargent
Designed by Kaelin Chappell*
Contributing Writer C. J. Cherryh
Contributing Writer Tanith Lee
Contributing Writer Suzy McKee Charnas
Contributing Writer Carol Emshwiller
Contributing Writer Sydney J. van Scyoc
Contributing Writer Angela Carter
Contributing Writer Mary Gentle
Contributing Writer Octavia E. Butler
Contributing Writer Pamela Sargent
Contributing Writer Jayge Carr
Contributing Writer Rosaleen Love
Contributing Writer Sheila Finch
Contributing Writer Pat Cadigan
Contributing Writer Pat Murphy
Contributing Writer Karen Joy Fowler
Contributing Writer Judith Moffett
Contributing Writer Connie Willis
Contributing Writer Lisa Goldstein
Contributing Writer Nancy Kress
Contributing Writer Storm Constantine
Contributing Writer Rebecca Ore
Cover Art by Cliff Nielsen
Cover/Jacket Design by Vaughn Andrews
Publisher Series Women of Wonder
Identifying Codes
Edition No. 1
Printer's Key A B C D E
Price $15.00
Price Canada $21.00
ISBN 10 0-15-600033-4
Barcode (EAN) 9780156000338
EAN 5 90000
Format Paperback
Publication Location San Diego; New York; London
Page Count 420 pages
Font Primer
Language English
Chapters Introduction / Pamela Sargent
Cassandra / C. J. Cherryh (1978)
The Thaw / Tanith Lee (1979)
Scorched Supper on New Niger / Suzy McKee Charnas (1980)
Abominable / Carol Emshwiller (1980)
Bluewater Dreams / Sydney J. Van Scyoc (1981)
The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe / Angela Carter (1982)
The Harvest of Wolves / Mary Gentle (1984)
Bloodchild / Octavia E. Butler (1984)
Fears / Pamela Sargent (1984)
Webrider / Jayge Carr (1985)
Alexia and Graham Bell / Rosaleen Love (1986)
Reichs-Peace / Sheila Finch (1986)
Angel / Pat Cadigan (1987)
Rachel in Love / Pat Murphy (1987)
Game Night at the Fox and Goose / Karen Joy Fowler (1989)
Tiny Tango / Judith Moffett (1989)
At the Rialto / Connie Willis (1989)
Midnight News / Lisa Goldstein (1990)
And Wild for the Gold / Nancy Kress (1991)
Immaculate / Storm Constantine (1991)
Farming in Virginia / Rebecca Ore (1993)

About the Authors
About the Editor
Recommended Reading: Science Fiction by Women, 1979–1993
Notes Printed in the United States of America


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