PC Zone

PC Zone Issue 80

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Editor-At-Large Jeremy Wells
Writer Charlie Brooker
Writer Paul Presley
Writer Steve Hill
Writer David McCandless
Writer Phil Wand
Writer Warren Chrismas
Writer Martin Korda
Writer Keith Pullin
Writer Craig Vaughan
Chairman of the Board Felix Dennis
Periodical Title PC Zone
About/Subject System Shock 2
About/Subject Star Trek: Voyager
About/Subject Outcast (video game)
Staff Writer Mark Hill (2)
Staff Editor Richie Shoemaker
Media Editor Paul Mallnson
Art Director/Editor Phil Clark
Publisher Dennis Publishing Ltd.
Printed by ET Heron
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9771354070995
EAN 2 09
Price UK £2.99
Issue Number 80
Format Magazine
Publication Location London
Page Count 138 pages
Language English
Notes Included CD-ROM containing game demos.


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