Musica Jazz

Musica Jazz (Issue 787)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Editorial Director Luca Conti
Art Director/Editor Silvano Belloni
Director Fausto Tatarella
Publisher 22publishing S.r.l.
Distributed by/Director of Distribution m-Dis distribuzione media Spa
Cover photo Paolo Ferraresi
Director of Administration Silvana Mangalaviti
Periodical Title Musica Jazz
Printed by Tiber Spa
About/Subject Roberto Ottaviano
About/Subject Franco D'Andrea
About/Subject Carla Bley
About/Subject Barry Guy
About/Subject Florent Nisse
About/Subject Randy Weston
About/Subject Aruàn Ortiz
About/Subject Giancarlo Tossani
About/Subject Bill Crow
About/Subject Cecil Taylor
About/Subject Marco Colonna
About/Subject Carlos Santana
About/Subject Soul Rebels
About/Subject Jon Balke
About/Subject Gianmaria Testa
About/Subject Letizia Gambi
About/Subject Marcus Strickland
About/Subject Gegè Telesforo
About/Subject Pierluigi Balducci
About/Subject Viz Maurogiovanni
About/Subject Sarah Bernstein
About/Subject Brooklin Express
About/Subject Coronado
About/Subject Carlo Costa
About/Subject Darren Johnston
About/Subject Fred Frith
About/Subject Alessandro Lanzoni
About/Subject Timo Lassy
About/Subject Deborah Latz
About/Subject Abbey Lincoln
About/Subject Jan Lundgren
About/Subject John McLaughlin
About/Subject Charlie Parker
About/Subject Marilyn Crispell
About/Subject Gary Peacock
About/Subject Richard Poole
About/Subject Giancarlo Schiaffini
About/Subject Andrea Massaria
About/Subject Brad Shepik
About/Subject Ron Samworth
About/Subject Omri Ziegele
About/Subject Stefano Bollani
About/Subject John Lee Hooker
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode (EAN) 977002745612
Catalog Number 787
Price € 9,90
Format Magazine
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 98 pages
Language Italian
Notes Italian magazine of jazz music, published since 1945.


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