David Stubbs

Ace Records

(First Printing)

Main Details
Author David Stubbs
Foreword by Ted Carroll
Publisher Black Dog Publishing Limited
Designed by Matthew Pull
Editor Blanche Craig
Series Labels Unlimited
About/Subject Ace Records
First Printing
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978 1 906155 03 2
Barcode 9 781906 155032 92995
Format Paperback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 190 pages
Language English
Chapters 1. Foreword
2. Introduction
3. Rock On And The Market Stall Years
4. Chiswick
5. The Birth Of Ace
6. Big Beat
7. The Ace Label
8. Globestyle And 'World Music'
9. Acid Jazz And The Golden Age
10. Deep Soul
11. Licensing---A Tough Dirty Job
12. Ace And The Artists
13. "A Change Is Gonna Come"
14. Selected A--Z Of Artists
15. Selected Discography
16. Acknowledgements


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