Spex - Das Magazin für Popkultur

Spex # 318 (No. 01/02 2009)

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Spex - Das Magazin für Popkultur
Executive Editor Alexander Lacher
Publisher Piranha Media GmbH
Publishing Manager Petra Lengnick
Editor in Chief Max Dax
Editor in Chief Martin Hossbach
Art Director/Editor Patrick Klose
Art Director/Editor Mario Koell
Copy Editor Ralf Chudoba
Printed by Dierichs Druck + Media GmbH
About/Subject Schwefelgelb
Contributing Writer Ulrich Gutmair
Contributing Photographer Yves Borgwardt
About/Subject Little Boots
Contributing Writer Stephan Herczeg
Contributing Photographer Dominik Gigler
About/Subject Palms
Contributing Writer Thomas Hübener
Contributing Photographer Nadja Korinth
Contributing Photographer Ryan Schaefer
About/Subject Frida Hyvönen
Contributing Writer Wibke Wetzker
Contributing Photographer Markus Feger
About/Subject Coloma
Contributing Writer Carmen Böker
Contributing Photographer Kai von Rabenau
About/Subject Terry Lynn
Contributing Writer Tim Stüttgen
Photography Afflicted Yard
Interview with/Interviewee Franz Ferdinand
Interview by/Interviewer Harald Peters
Interview with/Interviewee Mille Petrozza
Interview with/Interviewee Moritz von Oswald
Contributing Photographer Christoph Voy
Interview with/Interviewee Antony And The Johnsons
Interview by/Interviewer Jens Balzer
Contributing Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans
Contributing Photographer Oliver Schultz-Berndt
Interview with/Interviewee Dieter Gorny
Interview by/Interviewer Jan Kedves
Interview with/Interviewee Candice Breitz
Interview with/Interviewee Ekkehard Ehlers
Interview with/Interviewee Björn Gottstein
About/Subject The Sartorialist
Interview with/Interviewee Scott Schuman
Contributing Photographer Isabel Asha Penzlien
About/Subject NOH Suntag
Interview with/Interviewee Jutta Koether
Contributing Photographer Natalie Bothur
About/Subject Alvin Baltrop
About/Subject Frieda Grafe
Contributing Writer Klaus Theweleit
Photography Enno Patalas
About/Subject Frieder Butzmann
Interview with/Interviewee Jonas Mekas
About/Subject Lulu & Jimi
Contributing Writer Ralf Krämer
About/Subject The Muppets
About/Subject Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Video Clip)
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Price 5,00 EUR
Barcode 4 199151 605007 01
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 161 pages
Language German


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