MOJO Issue #152

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title MOJO
Editor in Chief Phil Alexander
Deputy Editor Andrew Male
Consulting Editor Danny Eccleston
Art Director/Editor Mark Wagstaff
Assistant Editor Jenny Bulley
Production Editor Geoff Brown (2)
Design Assistant Giles Arbery
Associate Editor Ian Harrison
Photo/Picture Editor Matt Turner
Photo/Picture Editor Phill Kalli
Editorial Assistant Nicky Demuth
Contributing Editor Sylvie Simmons
Contributing Editor Ben Edmonds
Web Editor Martin O'Gorman
Creative Director Dave Henderson
Publishing Director Stuart Williams (2)
Marketing Manager Sophie Watson Smyth
Business Director Jacqui Pinto
Promotion Director Nardia Plumridge
Project Editor/Coordinator/Director Marguerite Cartwright
Marketing Manager Ben Holland
Marketing Assistant Lauren Kreisler
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Planet Syndication
Origination by Rival Colour
Printed by New Jarrold Printing Ltd.
Cover Printed by Greenshires
Managing Director Marcus Rich
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Moloney
Publisher EMAP Performance Ltd*
About/Subject The Beatles
About/Subject Killing Joke
About/Subject Jake Thackray
About/Subject The Flaming Lips
About/Subject The Zutons
About/Subject Neil Young
About/Subject Lemmy
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 152
Price $8.99
Barcode 9771351019102
EAN 2 11>
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 164 pages
Language English
Notes With free Beatles Tribute CD - Revolver Reloaded


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