Michael P. Steinberg

Walter Benjamin and the Demands of History


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Editor Michael P. Steinberg
Series Cornell Paperbacks
Publisher Cornell University Press
Copyright Holder Cornell University
Contributor Michael P. Steinberg
Contributor Jacques Rancière
Contributor Heinz-Dieter Kittsteiner
Contributor Harry D. Harootunian
Contributor Curtis M. Hinsley
Contributor Françoise Meltzer
Contributor Max Pensky
Contributor Irving Wohlfarth
Contributor Michael Löwy
Contributor Ackbar Abbas
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Barcode 9 780801 482571 90000
Barcode 978080148257190000
ISBN 978-0-8014-8257-1
Format Paperback
Publication Location Ithaca, New York; London, United Kingdom
Page Count 252 pages
Language English
Chapters 1. Introduction: Benjamin and the Critique of Allegorical Reason - Michael P. Steinberg

2. The Archaeomodern Turn - Jacques Rancière

3. The Allegory of the Philosophy of History in the Nineteenth Century - Heinz-Dieter Kittsteiner

4. The Benjamin Effect: Modernism, Repetition, and the Path to Different Cultural Imaginaries - Harry D. Harootunian

5. The Collector as Allegorist: Goods, Gods, and the Objects of History - Michael P. Steinberg

6. Strolling through the Colonies - Curtis M. Hinsley

7. Acedia and Melancholia - Françoise Meltzer

8. Tactics of Remembrance: Proust, Surrealism, and the Origin of the "Passagenwerk" - Max Pensky

9. Smashing the Kaleidoscope: Walter Benjamin's Critique of Cultural History - Irving Wohlfarth

10. "Against the Grain": The Dialectical Conception of Culture in Walter Benjamin's Theses of 1940 - Michael Löwy

11. Hyphenation: The Spatial Dimensions of Hong Kong Culture - Ackbar Abbas


Notes Printed in the United States of America.


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