Guitar One

Guitar One (October 2002)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Guitar One
Publisher Ross Garnick
Editor in Chief Troy Nelson
Executive Editor Bob Gulla
Art Director/Editor Adam Logan Fulrath
Senior Editor/Director Michael Mueller
Senior Editor/Director Adam Perlmutter
Senior Editor/Director Dave Rubin
Copy Chief Carolyn Keating
Assistant Editor Dale Turner
Technical Editor Rusty Cutchin
Associate Editor Douglas Baldwin
Associate Editor Tom Kolb
Associate Editor Chris O'Byrne
Associate Editor Michael Ross
Contributing Editor John Stix
Contributing Writer Lorne Behrman
Contributing Writer Robert Cherry
Contributing Writer Bob Keelaghan
Contributing Writer Tom Lanham
Contributing Writer Lyndsey Parker
Contributing Writer David Simmons
Contributing Writer Katherine Turman
Licensing Manager Gia Gilliard
Graphic Design Scott Brandsgaard
Graphic Design Steve Goulbourne
Music Editor Wojciech Rynczak
Music Editor Krystyna Rynczak
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Jason Perl
Production Coordinator Janene Fudzinski
Publisher Cherry Lane Magazines, LLC
Copyright Holder Cherry Lane Magazines, LLC
About/Subject Nirvana
About/Subject AC/DC
About/Subject Stevie Ray Vaughan
About/Subject Tenacious D
About/Subject George Benson
About/Subject The Beatles
About/Subject Led Zeppelin
About/Subject Guns N’ Roses
About/Subject Pink Floyd
About/Subject Bon Jovi
About/Subject The Who
About/Subject Incubus
About/Subject Staind
About/Subject Tom Petty
About/Subject Alice In Chains
About/Subject Oasis
About/Subject Seether
About/Subject John Scofield (2)
About/Subject Def Leppard
About/Subject Derek Trucks
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode 0 75470 08367 9
EAN 2 10>
Price $4.99 USA
Price $5.99 CAN.
Price £3.30 U.K.
Volume Number 5
Issue Number 10
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count 176 pages
Language English


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