Interzone 26

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Interzone
Editor David Pringle
Publisher David Pringle
Deputy Editor Simon Ounsley
Associate Editor Lee Montgomerie
Assistant Editor Paul Annis
Assistant Editor Andy Robertson
Advisor John Clute
Advisor Malcolm Edwards
Advisor Judith Hanna
Typeset by Bryan Williamson
Contributing Writer Bob Shaw
Contributing Writer Terry Pratchett
Contributing Writer Susan Beetlestone
Contributing Writer John Sladek
Contributing Writer Eric Brown
Contributing Writer Johnny Black
Contributing Writer Charles Stross
Interview with/Interviewee Leigh Kennedy
Interview by/Interviewer Paul Kincaid
Review by Nick Lowe
Contributing Writer Christopher Priest
Contributing Writer Charles Platt
Contributing Writer Brian Stableford
Review by John Clute
Review by Paul McAuley
Cover Art by Josh Kirby
Copyright Holder Interzone
Printed by Acorn Web Offset Ltd
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Diamond-Europress
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Central Books
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price £1.95
Issue Number 26
ISSN 0264-3596
Format Magazine
Publication Location Brighton
Page Count 66 pages
Language English
Chapters FICTION
Bob Shaw: Dark Night in Toyland
Terry Pratchett: Wyrd Sisters [adapted extract]
Susan Beetlestone: Face Lift
John Sladek: Stop Evolution in Its Tracks!
Eric Brown: Big Trouble Upstairs
Johnny Black: The Agony of Suburban Knowledge
Charles Stross: In the DreamTime

Interface: Editorial & News
Leigh Kennedy: Interview by Paul Kincaid
Nick Lowe: Film Reviews
Christopher Priest: Peoria My Destination!
Charles Platt: Comment on the War Bores
Brian Stableford: Small World with Far Horizons
John Clute & Paul McAuley: Book Reviews
Interaction: Readers' Letters


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