White Dwarf

White Dwarf 44

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title White Dwarf
Editor Ian Livingstone
Staff Editor Albie Fiore
Staff Editor Jamie Thomson
Contributing Editor Lewis Pulsipher
Contributing Editor Andy Slack
Contributing Editor Oliver Dickinson
Contributing Editor Dave Langford*
Contributing Editor Charles Vasey
Contributing Editor Mike Costello
Contributing Editor Bob McWilliams
Production Editor Albie Fiore
Art Director/Editor Mary Common
Other Production Artist: Liz Lindars*
Other Paste-up Artist: Brian Cumming*
Cover Artist Jim Burns is probably not correct as cover is signed Alan*
Illustrator Chris Barrass
Illustrator Trevor Hammond
Illustrator Gary Chalk
Illustrator Kevin Bulmer
Illustrator John Blanche
Illustrator Gary Mayes
Photography Liz Lindars
Photography Richard Harcourt
Typeset by Sushma Solanki
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Clive Bailey
Publisher Games Workshop Limited
Contributor Marcus Rowland
Contributor Lew Pulsipher*
Contributor Dave Morris
Contributor Daniel Collerton
Contributor Dave Langford*
Contributor Charles Vasey
Contributor Mike Costello
Contributor Oliver Dickinson
Contributor Albie Fiore
Contributor BiL*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Hobby Game Distributors
Distributed by/Director of Distribution RAFM Company
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Jedko Games
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Blackwood Gayle Distributors
Copyright Holder Games Workshop Limited
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 75p / U.S.A. $3.00 / Canada $3.50 / Australia $3.00
Issue Number 44
Format Magazine
Publication Location London
Page Count 44 pages
Language English


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