Weird Tales

Weird Tales, Vol. 17, No. 1

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Weird Tales
Publisher Popular Fiction Publishing Company*
Copyright Holder Popular Fiction Publishing Company*
Editor Farnsworth Wright
Cover Art by C. C. Senf
Contributing Writer H. P. Lovecraft
Contributing Writer Seabury Quinn
Contributing Writer Frank Belknap Long, Jr.*
Contributing Writer Clark Ashton Smith
Contributing Writer Lieutenant Edgar Gardiner
Contributing Writer Greye La Spina
Contributing Writer Arlton Eadie
Contributing Writer Henry S. Whitehead
Contributing Writer H. Warner Munn
Contributing Writer Dorothy Norwich
Series Jules de Grandin
Series Tales of the Werewolf Clan
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 25¢
Price 30¢ in Canada
Volume Number 17
Issue Number 1
Format Pulp Magazine
Publication Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Page Count 144 pages
Language English
Chapters The Eyrie
Fungi from Yuggoth: 6. Nyarlathotep; 7. Azathoth — H. P. Lovecraft
The Lost Lady — Seabury Quinn
The Horror from the Hills (Part 1) — Frank Belknap Long, Jr.
The Necromantic Tale — Clark Ashton Smith
The Galley Slave — Lieutenant Edgar Gardiner
The Portal to Power (Conclusion) — Greye La Spina
The Avenging Shadow — Arlton Eadie
Passing of a God — Henry S. Whitehead
Tales of the Werewolf Clan: 3. The Master Has a Narrow Escape — H. Warner Munn
The Game — Dorothy Norwich


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