E. K. Hunt*, H. J. Sherman*

Economia politica: Una introduzione critica

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author E. K. Hunt*
Author H. J. Sherman*
Translated by Giorgio Brosio
Publisher Boringhieri
Publisher Series Serie di Economia Politica
Copyright Holder Editore Boringhieri
First Published by Harper & Row, Publishers
Printed by STIG Torino
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number CL 74-8762-2
Catalog Number 74-8762-2
Price L. 20.000
Format Paperback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 719 pages
Language Italian
Original Language English
Original Title Economics An Introduction to Traditional and Radical Views
Notes Italian translation of the second edition of the volulme: "Economics An Introduction to Traditional and Radical Views" second edition 1975


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