Weltkunst - Aktuelle Zeitschrift für Kunst und Antiquitäten

Weltkunst 44. Jahrgang - Nummer 21 / 1. November 1974

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Weltkunst - Aktuelle Zeitschrift für Kunst und Antiquitäten
Editor C. A. Breuer*
Publisher Kunst und Technik Verlags-GmbH
Publishing Director Carl August Breuer
Publishing Director Dr. Paulconrad Kirchner*
Contributing Writer Lucas Wüthrich
About/Subject Salomon Gessner
Contributing Writer Yvonne Lehnherr
About/Subject Zinn*
Contributing Writer Eugen Heer
About/Subject Das Schweizerische Waffeninstitut*
Contributing Writer Annemarie Monteil
Contributing Writer Blida Heynold von Graefe
About/Subject House of Gonzaga
About/Subject Caspar David Friedrich
Contributing Writer Rainer Beck
Contributing Writer Carl B. Heller*
About/Subject Keramik*
Cover Art by Pieter Brueghel (Höllenbrueghel)*
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 44. Jahrgang - Nummer 21
Other B 7135 D
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 1846-1981 pages
Language German


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