J.N. Williamson*


(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Editor J.N. Williamson*
Publisher Maclay & Associates Inc.
Copyright Holder Maclay & Associates Inc.
Introduction by J.N. Williamson*
Contributing Writer Robert R. McCammon
Contributing Writer Dennis Etchison
Contributing Writer Ardath Mayhar
Contributing Writer Richard Christian Matheson
Contributing Writer Gene Wolfe
Contributing Writer David B. Silva
Contributing Writer F. Paul Wilson
Contributing Writer J.N. Williamson*
Contributing Writer Mort Castle
Contributing Writer Robert Bloch
Contributing Writer Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Contributing Writer Joe R. Lansdale
Contributing Writer David Knoles
Contributing Writer Ray Russell
Contributing Writer Charles L. Grant
Contributing Writer Gahan Wilson
Contributing Writer Dennis Hamilton
Contributing Writer William F. Nolan
Contributing Writer Ray Bradbury
Contributing Writer Charles Beaumont
Essay by William F. Nolan
Interview with/Interviewee Richard Matheson
Interview by/Interviewer J. N. Williamson
Publisher Series Masques
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-940776-18-9
Price $14.95
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-61387
Format Hardback
Publication Location Baltimore
Page Count 306 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction and Acknowledgments — J.N. Williamson
Nightcrawlers — Robert R. McCammon
Somebody Like You — Dennis Etchison
Samhain: Full Moon — Ardath Mayhar
I Have Made My Bones Secure — Ardath Mayhar
Third Wind — Richard Christian Matheson
Redbeard — Gene Wolfe
The Turn of Time — David B. Silva
Soft — F. Paul Wilson
House Mothers — J.N. Williamson
Party Time — Mort Castle
Everybody Needs a Little Love — Robert Bloch
Angel's Exchange — Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Down by the Sea near the Great Big Rock — Joe R. Lansdale
The First Day of Spring — David Knoles
Czadek — Ray Russell
The Old Men Know — Charles L. Grant
The Substitute — Gahan Wilson
The Alteration — Dennis Hamilton
Trust Not a Man — William F. Nolan
Long After Ecclesiastes — Ray Bradbury
My Grandmother's Japonicas — Charles Beaumont
Charles Beaumont: The Magic Man — William F. Nolan
Master of Imagination (Interview) — Richard Matheson (interviewed by J.N. Williamson)


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