Harold Lamb

The Crusades Iron Men and Saints


Main Details
Author Harold Lamb
Publisher Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc.
Copyright Holder Harold Lamb
Printed by The Country Life Press
Format Hardback
Publication Location Garden City, New York
Page Count 368 pages
Language English
Chapters 1. Barbarians
2. Darkness
3. The Iron Men
4. Chivalry
5. The Robed Men
6. The Servant of the Servants
7. Urban's Summons
8. The Response
9. The Gonfanons
10. What Peter Did
11. Byzantium
12. The Coming of the Iron Men
13. Alexis and Bohemund
14. The Oath of the Barons
15. The March of the Provencals
16. The Kneeling Tower
17. Doryleum
18. The Anonymous
19. The Road to Antioch
20. Loot
21. The Sign in the Sky
22. The Key to the Gate
23. The Tower of the Two Sisters
24. Adhemar and Bartholomew
25. The Lance Goes Forth
26. The First Foothold
27. The Walls of Maara
28. Raymond's Path
29. Tancred Rides to Bethlehem
30. The Valley of the Damned
31. The Bridge of Fire
32. Godrey
33. The City
34. What Fulcher Saw
35. The Path of Glory
36. March of the Barons
37. Bohemund's Crusade
38. The Last Comer
39. Beyond the Sea


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