Elizabeth Noble

Love, Iris

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Elizabeth Noble
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Art) Arcangel Images
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Art) Trevillion Images
First Published by Michael Joseph
Publisher Penguin Books
Copyright Holder Elizabeth Noble
Copyright Holder (Excerpt) Souvenir Press Ltd.
Permissions Souvenir Press Ltd.
Typeset by Jouve (UK)
Printed and Bound by Clays Ltd, Elcograf S.p.A.
Copyright Holder (Photos) Bill Waters
First Published
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-0-718-15540-7
EAN 5 90000
Barcode 9 780718 155407
Price £7.99
Format Paperback
Publication Location United Kingdom
Page Count 476 pages
Font 12.55/14.9 pt Garamond MT Std
Language English
Notes First published by Michael Joseph as Letters to Iris

Copyright © Elizabeth Noble, 2018

The publisher is grateful for permission to reproduce an extract from The Life That I Have by Leo Marks (copyright © Souvenir Press Ltd, 1999), reprinted on page 444 by permission of Souvenir Press Ltd

Printed and bound in Great Britain

Author photograph © Bill Waters


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