Robert Bloch

Flowers from the Moon and Other Lunacies

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Robert Bloch
Publisher Arkham House Publishers, Inc.
Copyright Holder Eleanor Bloch
Cover Art by Tony Patrick
Cover/Jacket Design by Martin Hertzel
Printed by Maple-Vail Book Mfg. Grp.*
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Edition No. 1
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 98-10086
ISBN 10 0-87054-172-2
Barcode (EAN) 9780870541728
EAN 5 90000
Format Hardback
Publication Location Sauk City, Wisconsin
Page Count 296 pages
Font Sabon
Language English
Chapters Introduction
The Druidic Doom
Fangs of Vengeance
Death is an Elephant
A Question of Identity
Death Has Five Guesses
The Bottomless Pool
The Dark Isle
Flowers from the Moon
He Waits Beneath the Sea
Power of the Druid
Be Yourself
A Sorcerer Runs for Sheriff
Black Bargain
A Bottle of Gin
Wine of the Sabbat
Soul Proprietor
Satan's Phonograph
The Man Who Told the Truth
The Night They Crashed the Party
Philtre Tip
Notes Manufactured in the United States of America

"Two thousand five hundred copies of this book have been printed by the Maple-Vail Book Mfg. Grp., Binghamton, N. Y. from Sabon typeface on 55# Sebago antique cream. The binding cloth is Holliston Roxite B grade."


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