Weird Tales

Weird Tales, Vol. 28, No. 4

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Weird Tales
Publisher Popular Fiction Publishing Company*
Copyright Holder Popular Fiction Publishing Company*
Editor Farnsworth Wright
Cover Art by M. Brundage*
Contributing Writer Seabury Quinn
Contributing Writer Robert E. Howard
Contributing Writer Thorp McClusky
Contributing Writer Paul Ernst
Contributing Writer Robert Bloch
Contributing Writer Bassett Morgan
Contributing Writer Edgar Daniel Kramer
Contributing Writer Robert Barbour Johnson
Contributing Writer Gordon Philip England
Contributing Writer Richard F. Searight
Contributing Writer Chandler H. Whipple
Contributing Writer H. P. Lovecraft
Series Jules de Grandin
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 25¢
Volume Number 28
Issue Number 4
Format Pulp Magazine
Publication Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Page Count 385-512 pages
Language English
Chapters Witch-House — Seabury Quinn
Black Hound of Death — Robert E. Howard
The Crawling Horror — Thorp McClusky
The Man in Black — Paul Ernst
The Dark Demon — Robert Bloch
Midas — Bassett Morgan
The Black Gang — Edgar Daniel Kramer
Mice — Robert Barbour Johnson
The Blue Room — Gordon Philip England
The Wizard's Death — Richard F. Searight
Brother Lucifer — Chandler H. Whipple
Weird Story Reprint: Pickman's Model — H. P. Lovecraft
The Eyrie


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