Steve Bartlett

Gloucester Locomotive Sheds: Horton Road & Barnwood

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Steve Bartlett
Publisher Pen & Sword Books Ltd
Printed by Replika Press Pvt Ltd
Cover/Jacket Design by Jon Wilkinson
Imprint Pen & Sword Transport
Typeset by Aurora Technology and Software Services, India
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 1473875595
ISBN 13 9781473875593
Price UK £25.00, US $49.95
Format Hardback
Publication Location Barnsley
Page Count 229 pages
Language English
Chapters Gloucester Horton Road - Shed Layout and Staffing
Gloucester Horton Road - Locomotive Allocations and Duties
Gloucester to Chalford Auto Service
Gloucester Barnwood - Shed Layout and Staffing
Gloucester Barnwood - Locomotive Allocations and Duties
Gloucester Freight Train Working
Brimscombe Sub-shed and Operational Duties
Cheltenham Malvern Road Sub-shed and Operational Duties
Lydney Sub-shed and the Forest of Dean
Ross-on-Wye Sub-shed, Lydbrook, Hereford and Dymock Branches
Dursley Sub-Shed, Nailsworth and Sharpness Branches and Qedgeley Depot
Tewkesbury Sub-shed and Operational Duties


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