Filosofia. Storia Parole Temi - Vol. 04 - Il pensiero moderno da Cartesio a Kant

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Curated by Nicola Abbagnano
Curated by Giovanni Fornero
Curated by Paolo Rossi
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Copyright Holder De Agostini Libri S.p.A.
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Publisher Series I Libri Del Corriere Della Sera
Series Filosofia - Storia Parole Temi
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Illustrator Stefano Pietramala
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About/Subject Descartes*
About/Subject Thomas Hobbes
About/Subject Arnold Geulincx
About/Subject Nicolas Malebranche
About/Subject Antoine Arnauld
About/Subject Pierre Nicole
About/Subject Pierre Gassendi
About/Subject François De La Mothe Le Vayer
About/Subject Cyrano de Bergerac
About/Subject Edward Herbert di Cherbury
About/Subject Ralph Cudworth
About/Subject Henry More
About/Subject Benjamin Whichcote
About/Subject John Smith (6)
About/Subject Blaise Pascal
About/Subject Baruch Spinoza
About/Subject Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
About/Subject Giambattista Vico
About/Subject John Locke (2)
About/Subject George Berkeley
About/Subject David Hume
This Edition Published
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ISSN 1129-08500
Barcode (EAN) 9771129085667
Price € 8.90
Series Number 24
Volume Number 4
EAN 5 80004>
Format Paperback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 487 pages
Language Italian
Chapters Introduzione. - p. V.

Sezione quinta - La filosofia moderna dei secoli XVII e XVIII.

Capitolo I - Descartes.
Capitolo II - Hobbes.
Capitolo III - La lotta per la ragione.
Capitolo IV - Pascal.
Capitolo V - Spinoza.
Capitolo VI - Leibniz.
Capitolo VII - Vico.
Capitolo VIII - Locke.
Capitolo IX - Berkeley.
Capitolo X - Hume.
Capitolo XI - L'illuminismo inglese.
Capitolo XII - L'illuminismo francese.
Capitolo XIII - L'illuminismo italiano.
Capitolo XIV - L'illuminismo tedesco.
Capitolo XV - Kant.

Indice dei nomi. - p. 471.
Notes The contents of this volume are taken from Nicola Abbagnano, Storia della filosofia.
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