Tony Allan, Charles Phillips, Michael Kerrigan

Wise Lord of the Sky: Persian Myth


Main Details
Author Tony Allan
Author Charles Phillips
Author Michael Kerrigan
Consultant Dr. Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis
Designed by Duncan Baird Publishers
Creator Duncan Baird Publishers
Editor Duncan Baird Publishers
Copyright Holder Duncan Baird Publishers
Copyright Holder Time-Life Books
Publisher Time-Life Books
Editorial Manager Tony Allan
Consultant Mary Staples
Editorial Production Director Ruth Vos
Other Colourscan
Printed and Bound by Milanostampa S.p.A.
Managing Editor Diana Loxley
Art Director/Editor Clare Thorpe
Series Editor Christopher Westhorp
Editor Mark McDowall
Series Designer Gail Jones
Series Designer Clare Thorpe
Researcher Cecilia Weston-Baker
Illustrator Jo Donegan
Maps Lorraine Harrison
Artist Iona McGlashan
Researcher Clifford Bishop
Series Myth and Mankind
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0705436330
Format Hardback
Page Count 144 pages
Language English


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