Guitar Player

Guitar Player (February 2007)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Guitar Player
Editor in Chief Michael Molenda
Managing Editor Kevin Owens
Senior Editor/Director Art Thompson
Associate Editor Matt Blackett
Associate Editor Barry Cleveland
Associate Editor Darin Fox
Assistant Editor Jude Gold
Consulting Editor Jim Campilongo
Consulting Editor Joe Gore
Consulting Editor Jesse Gress
Consulting Editor Henry Kaiser
Consulting Editor Leni Stern
Consulting Editor David Torn
Consulting Editor Tom Wheeler
Art Director/Editor Paul Haggard
Art Assistant Damien Castaneda
Music Editor Elizabeth Ledgerwood
Publisher Vicki Hartung
Publisher The Music Player Group
Editorial Director Michael Molenda
Copyright Holder NewBay Media
About/Subject Guitar
About/Subject Ritchie Blackmore
About/Subject Tommy Bolin
About/Subject Jan Akkerman
About/Subject Mickey Baker
About/Subject Robbie Blunt
About/Subject Lenny Breau
About/Subject Bumblefoot
About/Subject Sandy Bull
About/Subject Randy California
About/Subject Larry Collins (2)
About/Subject Dr. Know
About/Subject Hank Garland
About/Subject Guitar Slim
About/Subject Sol Hoopii
About/Subject Ryo Kawasaki
About/Subject Shawn Lane
About/Subject Brian Lonbeck
About/Subject Tony Maiden
About/Subject June Millington
About/Subject Bill Nelson
About/Subject Jimmy Nolen
About/Subject Mary Osborne
About/Subject Eddie Phillips
About/Subject Chris Poland
About/Subject Joseph Reinhardt
About/Subject Emily Remler
About/Subject Jimmie Rivers
About/Subject Michael Rother
About/Subject Sonny Sharrock
About/Subject Sister Rosetta Tharpe
About/Subject Clarence White
About/Subject Lee Ritenour
About/Subject My Chemical Romance
About/Subject Ben Harper
About/Subject Steve Hackett
About/Subject Deborah Holland
About/Subject Emily Burton
About/Subject Scott McGill
About/Subject Larry Keel
About/Subject Rickey Medlocke
About/Subject Steven Seagal
About/Subject Sonny Landreth
About/Subject Alex Machacek
About/Subject Kat Dyson
About/Subject Davie Allan
About/Subject Oscar Aleman
About/Subject Scotty Anderson
About/Subject Junior Barnard
About/Subject Charlie Baty
About/Subject Phil Baugh
About/Subject Brendan Bayliss
About/Subject Jake Cinninger
About/Subject Erik Braunn
About/Subject Michael Brook (2)
About/Subject Michael Bruce
About/Subject Glen Buxton
About/Subject Al Casey
About/Subject Danny Cedrone
About/Subject Roy Clark
About/Subject Diblo Dibala
About/Subject David "Fuze" Fiuczynski
About/Subject Franco
About/Subject Manuel Galban
About/Subject Brett Garsed
About/Subject Aubrey Ghent
About/Subject John Goodsall
About/Subject Gregg Ginn
About/Subject Dave Gonzales
About/Subject Guthrie Govan
About/Subject Davy Graham
About/Subject Oliie Halsall
About/Subject Bill Harkleroad
About/Subject Michael "Hollywood Fats" Mann
About/Subject Neil Haverstick
About/Subject Steve Hillage
About/Subject Rob Ickes
About/Subject Lonnie Johnson
About/Subject Eddie Lang
About/Subject Terry Kath
About/Subject Cody Kilby
About/Subject Danny Kirwan
About/Subject Billy Kirchen
About/Subject Wayne Krantz
About/Subject Ben Lacy
About/Subject Roy Lanham
About/Subject Nguyên Lê
About/Subject Lonnie Mack
About/Subject Jake E. Lee
About/Subject Gary Lucas
About/Subject Sam "Magic Sam" Maghett
About/Subject Leo Nocentelli
About/Subject Al McKay
About/Subject Memphis Minnie
About/Subject Ben Monder
About/Subject Mike Oldfield
About/Subject Anthony Phillips (3)
About/Subject Chikapa "Ray" Phiri
About/Subject Robert Quine
About/Subject Jerry Reed
About/Subject Rodrigo Y Gabriela
About/Subject Adam Rogers (2)
About/Subject Ken Rubenstein
About/Subject Sabicas
About/Subject John "Jubu" Smith
About/Subject T.K. Smith
About/Subject Snakefinger
About/Subject John Sykes
About/Subject Swati Sharma
About/Subject Hudson "Tampa Red" Whitaker
About/Subject Gabor Szabo
About/Subject Steve Tibbetts
About/Subject Jeremy Wakefield
About/Subject Jim Weider
About/Subject James Williamson
About/Subject Dave Wronski
About/Subject Jimmy Wyble
About/Subject Roy Wood
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode (EAN) 7 25274 01010 3
EAN 2 02>
Price US. $6.50
Price CAN. $7.50
Volume Number 41
Issue Number 2
ISSN 0017-5463
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count 192 pages
Language English


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