Guitar Player

Guitar Player (March 2007)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Guitar Player
Editor in Chief Michael Molenda
Managing Editor Kevin Owens
Senior Editor/Director Art Thompson
Associate Editor Matt Blackett
Associate Editor Barry Cleveland
Associate Editor Darin Fox
Assistant Editor Jude Gold
Consulting Editor Jim Campilongo
Consulting Editor Joe Gore
Consulting Editor Jesse Gress
Consulting Editor Henry Kaiser
Consulting Editor Leni Stern
Consulting Editor David Torn
Consulting Editor Tom Wheeler
Art Director/Editor Paul Haggard
Art Assistant Damien Castaneda
Music Editor Elizabeth Ledgerwood
Publisher Vicki Hartung
Publisher The Music Player Group
Editorial Director Michael Molenda
Copyright Holder NewBay Media
About/Subject Guitar
About/Subject Deftones
About/Subject Paul Gilbert
About/Subject Anne McCue
About/Subject Gilby Clarke
About/Subject Karsh Kale
About/Subject Steve Morse
About/Subject Bob Margolin
About/Subject Leroy Powell
About/Subject O.I.E. Records
About/Subject Bill Horist
About/Subject Sadhappy
About/Subject Trey Alexander
About/Subject Eric Clapton
About/Subject Johnny Winter
About/Subject Howard Roberts
About/Subject Craig Hlady
About/Subject Joni Mitchell
About/Subject Jim Campilongo
About/Subject Nuno Bettencourt
About/Subject The Hellecasters
About/Subject Jerry Hahn
About/Subject Frank Gambale
About/Subject Randy Rhoads
About/Subject Tuck Andress
About/Subject Joaquin Lievano
About/Subject Eddie Van Halen
About/Subject Chet Atkins
About/Subject Will Bernard
About/Subject Arlen Roth
About/Subject Craig Chaquico
About/Subject Johnny Smith
About/Subject Jimi Hendrix
About/Subject Wes Montgomery
About/Subject Charlie Byrd
About/Subject Lenny Breau
About/Subject Arnie Berle
About/Subject Kent Murdick
About/Subject Bill Frisell
About/Subject Zakk Wylde
About/Subject Fernando Carulli
About/Subject Jimmy Herring
About/Subject Joe Pass
About/Subject Steve Trovato
About/Subject Charlie Hunter
About/Subject Martin Simpson
About/Subject Danny Gatton
About/Subject Sonny Landreth
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode (EAN) 7 25274 01010 3
EAN 2 03>
Price US. $6.50
Price CAN. $7.50
Volume Number 41
Issue Number 3
ISSN 0017-5463
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count 168 pages
Language English


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