Howie Mandel, Josh Young

Here's The Deal: Don't Touch Me


Main Details
Author Howie Mandel
Author Josh Young
Copyright Holder Alevy Productions, Inc.
Publisher Bantam
Publisher The Random House Publishing Group
Publisher Random House, Inc.
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9 780553 807868
Barcode (EAN) 52500
ISBN 978-0-553-80786-8
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 219 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction: In Comedy Nobody Can Hear You Scream
3 Welcome To Me
19 OCD And Me
28 A Sense Of Humor
55 Yuk Yuk's
70 I Will Support Her With A Rubber Glove
86 A Dramatic Turn Of Events
102 Uh-Oh
113 Howie Lou's A Friend
130 Another Day At The Orifice
139 The Litmus Test
151 The Five-Mile Radius
167 Uh-Oh, It's Worse
170 Shit Happens
183 Stand-Up And Be Counted
194 Here's The Deal
211 Goodbye
219 Acknowledgements


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