Richard Williams

The Blue Moment


Main Details
Author Richard Williams
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9780571245079
ISBN 978-0-571-24507-9
Format Paperback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 309 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Original Title The Blue Moment
Chapters 1 Introduction 1
2 Into The Blue 14
Welcome to the modern world
3 The Sound of Blue 25
Blue valentines. Blue kisses. Blue velvet. Way to blue
4 Blue Moods 39
Conversations behind a Chinese laundry
5 Blue Dawn 60
From the Third Stream to the nouvelle vague
6 Six Colours (Blue) 81
Adventures in modality: from Milestones to Porgy and Bess
7 Interlude: Outside in Blue 95
Camus, Moravia, Mastroianni and the man with the
Strand cigarette
8 The Blue Moment 104
An Armenian Orthodox church with a three-second reverb
9 Blue Waves 127
John Coltrane and Bill Evans: quartet and trio
10 Blue Horizon 161
Enter minimalism: La Monte Young and Terry Riley
11 Dark Blue 186
The Velvet Underground: how art came to the discotheque
12 So Blue 202
What James Brown told Pee Wee Ellis
13 Blue Bells 220
Soft machines and curved air
14 Code Blue 236
The art school hop: Brian Eno and the bush of ghosts
15 Blue on Blue 258
Northern latitudes and the most beautiful sound next to silence
16 Coda: Permanent Blue 275
Inside the Dream House

References 279
Acknowledgements 287
Index 289


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