Mike Evans

Vinyl: The Art of Making Records


Main Details
Author Mike Evans
Senior Editor/Director Elspeth Beidas
Editor Bruno MacDonald
Editorial Assistant Hannah Phillips
Designed by Josse Pickard
Photo/Picture Researcher Kate Symondson
Production Director/Manager Anna Pauletti
Editorial Director Ruth Patrick
Publisher Philip Cooper
Reprinted with/by arrangement with New Burlington Books
Copyright Holder Quintessence
Designed by Quintessence
Producer Quintessence
Color Reproduction Portland Media Print Services
Printed and Bound by C&C Offset Printing Co.
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-0-85762-425-3
Format Hardback
Publication Location London, UK
Page Count 256 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction - 6
The Early Years - 8
1940s - 32
1950s - 48
1960s - 98
1970s - 124
1980s - 172
1990s - 194
2000s - 240
And Vinally - 240
Index - 252
Picture Credits - 256


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