Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials


Main Details
Author Philip Pullman
Series His Dark Materials
Imprint Alfred A. Knopf
Imprint Borzoi Books
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Douglas Mullen
Copyright Holder Philip Pullman
Publisher Random House Children's Books
Identifying Codes
Price US $21.99
Price $27.99 CAN
Barcode 9780375847226
EAN 5 52199
ISBN 13 978-0-375-84722-6
Printer's Key 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Format Paperback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 933 pages
Language English
Chapters The Golden Compass

Part One: Oxford
One: The Decanter of Tokay
Two: The Idea of North
Three: Lyra's Jordan
Four: The Alethiometer
Five: The Cocktail Party
Six: The Throwing Nets
Seven: John Faa
Eight: Frustration
Nine: The Spies

Part Two: Bolvangar
Ten: The Consul and the Bear
Eleven: Armor
Twelve: The Lost Boy
Thirteen: Fencing
Fourteen: Bolvangar Lights
Fifteen: The Dæmon Cages
Sixteen: The Silver Guillotine
Seventeen: The Witches

Part Three: Svalbard
Eighteen: Fog and Ice
Nineteen: Captivity
Twenty: Mortal Combat
Twenty-one: Lord Asriel's Welcome
Twenty-two: Betrayal
Twenty-three: The Bridge to the Stars

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The Subtle Knife

One: The Cat and the Hornbeam Trees
Two: Among the Witches
Three: A Children's World
Four: Trepanning
Five: Airmail Paper
Six: Lighted Fliers
Seven: The Rolls-Royce
Eight: The Tower of the Angels
Nine: Theft
Ten: The Shaman
Eleven: The Belvedere
Twelve: Screen Language
Thirteen: Æsahættr
Fourteen: Alamo Gulch
Fifteen: Bloodmoss

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The Amber Spyglass

One: The Enchanted Sleeper
Two: Balthamos and Baruch
Three: Scavengers
Four: Ama and the Bats
Five: The Adamant Tower
Six: Preemptive Absolution
Seven: Mary, Alone
Eight: Vodka
Nine: Upriver
Ten: Wheels
Eleven: The Dragonflies
Twelve: The Break
Thirteen: Tialys and Salmakia
Fourteen: Know What It Is
Fifteen: The Forge
Sixteen: The Intention Craft
Seventeen: Oil and Lacquer
Eighteen: The Suburbs of the Dead
Nineteen: Lyra and Her Death
Twenty: Climbing
Twenty-one: The Harpies
Twenty-two: The Whisperers
Twenty-three: No Way Out
Twenty-four: Mrs. Coulter in Geneva
Twenty-five: Saint-Jean-les-Eaux
Twenty-six: The Abyss
Twenty-seven: The Platform
Twenty-eight: Midnight
Twenty-nine: The Battle on the Plain
Thirty: The Clouded Mountain
Thirty-one: Authority's End
Thirty-two: Morning
Thirty-three: Marzipan
Thirty-four: There Is Now
Thirty-five: Over the Hills and Far Away
Thirty-six: The Broken Arrow
Thirty-seven: The Dunes
Thirty-eight: The Botanic Garden

Lantern Slides
Notes "Exclusive to this edition: illuminating new material from Philip Pullman after each book inside"

Cover printed in the USA
Printed in the United States of America


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