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Rolling Stone 0714

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About/Subject Foo Fighters
About/Subject The Church
About/Subject Emily Browning
About/Subject The Clash
About/Subject Gurrumul
About/Subject Jebediah
Editor in Chief Matthew Coyte
Editor Dan Lander
Art Director/Editor Cameron Emerson-Elliott
Photo/Picture Editor Marcel Bischarn
Sub-Editor Ben Groundwater
Contributor Michael Adams (4)
Contributor Angela Allan
Contributor Luke Anisimoff
Contributor Tiffany Bakker
Contributor Lee Coan
Contributor Toby Creswell
Contributor Barry Divola
Contributor Robyn Doreian
Contributor Michael Dwyer
Contributor Dan Findlay
Contributor Ed Gibbs
Contributor James Jennings
Contributor Scott Keenan
Contributor Darren Levin
Contributor Craig Mathieson
Contributor Helen Razer
Contributor Matt Reekie
Contributor Jeremy Sheaffe
Contributor Dan Stapleton
Contributor Bronwyn Thompson
Contributor Jason Treuen
Contributor Jude Winston
Contributor Doug Wallen
Contributor Simon Wooldridge
Contributor Rod Yates
Contributor Richie Young
Photography Steve Baccon
Photography Dane Beesley
Photography Damien Bennett
Photography Stephen Booth (2)
Photography Adrian Cook
Photography Kane Hibberd
Photography Nick Hudson
Photography Rod Hunt
Photography Stephen Langdon
Photography Joshua Morris
Photography Tony Mott (2)
Photography Martin Philbey
Photography Kristian Taylor-Wood
Publisher Michael Koslowski
Publishing Director Gerry Reynolds
Publisher ACP Magazines
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Network Services
Periodical Title Rolling Stone Australia
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 714
Format Magazine
Publication Location Australia
Page Count 100 pages
Language English
Chapters Features :
The Family Of Foo
Close Up Emily Browning
The Truth About Jebediah
The Fury And The Power Of The Clash

Rock And Roll :
The Church Celebrate 30 Years Together
Q&A - Elton John

Notes Australian edition of Rolling Stone


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