Lizard #16

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Lizard
Publisher Audio Cave
Graphics by Anna Kwiatkowska
Graphic Design Imagine Design Group
Printed by Takt
Editor in Chief Barnaba Siegel
Deputy Editor Marcin Mizerek
Editorial Director Andrzej Mackiewicz
Editorial Journalist Andrzej Janda
Editorial Journalist Małgorzata Arabska
Interview by/Interviewer Michał Wilczyński
Interview by/Interviewer Przemysław Siwik
Editorial Journalist Michał Chalota
Editorial Journalist Piotr Korycki
Editorial Journalist Marcin Mieszczak
Editorial Journalist Piotr Chlebowski
Editorial Journalist Kajetan Prochyra
Review by Marcin Piwnik
Review by Marek Romański
Review by Błażej Budny
Review by Jacek Kuźnik
Review by Maciej Michta
Review by Rafał Zbrzeski
Review by Jarosław Sawic
Review by Łukasz Hernik
Interview with/Interviewee Jordan Rudess
Interview with/Interviewee Nick Barrett
Interview with/Interviewee Mariusz Duda
Interview with/Interviewee Steve Hillage
About/Subject Pendragon
About/Subject Lunatic Soul
About/Subject Walfad
About/Subject Ettore Salati
About/Subject Robert Plant
About/Subject The Beatles
About/Subject Waterloo
About/Subject MPS Records
About/Subject Ibliss
About/Subject Matana Roberts
About/Subject Queen
About/Subject Kansas
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 16
Barcode 9 772082 443402 05
ISSN 2082-4432
Price 15 PLN
Format Magazine
Publication Location Poland
Page Count 86 pages
Language Polish
Notes Autumn 2014 (3/2014)


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