"Capoccia grossa!" Lo storione del Po fra immaginario e cultura materiale

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Curated by Roberto Roda
Preface by Mario Canella
Preface by Daniele Biancardi
Preface by Maria Grazia Caravelli
Preface by Enrico Baglioni
Introduction by Marcello Panzanini
Introduction by Daniele Gulinelli
Illustrator Grazia Nidasio
Illustrator Sergio Toppi
Publisher Interbooks*
Publisher Centro Etnografico Ferrarese*
Associate Publisher ENAIP Emilia-Romaga, Ferrara*
Associate Publisher Comune di Bondeno
Printed by Interbooks Artegrafica
Copyright Holder Interbooks*
Copyright Holder Centro Etnografico Ferrarese*
Publisher Series Quaderni del Centro Etnografico Ferrarese
About/Subject Social History
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Series Number 31
Format Paperback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 118 + 2 pages
Language Italian
Notes Volume that collects the materials of the "Professional course for the documentation and cataloging of artistic and cultural heritage" En.A.I.P. - Ferrara, 1988-1989. And of the exhibition ""Capoccia grossa! Lo storione del Po fra immaginario e cultura materiale" Rocca possente di Stellata June 24 - August 26 1990


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