Struttura ambientali

Il Daimon del benessere: Sanità, servizi, previdenza tra Stato, mercato e non-profit

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Presenter Ilya Prigogine
Introduction by Deepak Chopra
Editorial Board Silvano Cardellini
Publisher Centro Ricerche "Pio Manzù"
Periodical Title Struttura ambientali
Printed by Ramberti Arti Grafiche
About/Subject Politics
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 113
Format Paperback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 229 + 51 pages
Languages Italian, English
Notes XXIII edition of the International Study Days organized by the "Centro Ricerche Pio Manzù". Rimini, Novelli Theater. 18-19-20-21 October 1997
Paperback with flaps


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