Chriet Titulaer

Van Edison Tot CD-Video

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Chriet Titulaer
Publisher Chriet Titulaer Produkties b.v.
Copyright Holder Chriet Titulaer Produkties b.v.
Foreword by R. van der Vlis
Designed by Esenes Reklame
First Published
Format Hardback
Page Count 128 pages
Language Dutch
Chapters 6 Radio
16 Van langspeelplaat tot DAT
26 Televisie
36 De omroep in Nederland
48 Kabeltelevisie en de glasvezel
60 Video : hard- en software
72 De videofilm en de videofoto
80 Beeldplaat en compact disc
90 Huiscomputers
108 Informatie op het beeldscherm
118 Satellieten strooien met televisieprogramma's
Notes On the Firato '88 the CD Video was introduced in a grand way. It is unbelievable how quickly the changes in the audio-visual field take place. Only a century ago did the first development (gramophone) begin to appear in the living room. Now the Compact Disc, the VCR and satellite reception are becoming very common.
In this book, Chriet Titulaer lists the present, past and future. He deals with radio, television, video, the gramophone record, the home computer, cable television, satellites, teletext, video, the CD family, the image plate, the DAT recorder and much more.
A spectacular journey from the inception to the distant future of the audio-visual world.


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