Guitar World

Guitar World (October 1992)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Guitar World
Publisher Stanley R. Harris
Publishing Director Dennis S. Page
Associate Publisher Greg Di Benedetto
Editor in Chief Brad Tolinski
Design Manager/Supervisor Jesse Reyes
Executive Editor Harold Steinblatt
Managing Editor Alan Paul
Music Editor Jimmy Brown (2)
Associate Editor Jeff Gilbert
Associate Designer Michael Chatham
Editor-At-Large John Peden
Editor-At-Large Wolf Marshall
Editor-At-Large Charles Shaar Murray
Senior Editor/Director Joe Lalaina
Associate Editor Daniel Levine
Music Editor Chris Amelar
Music Editor Jeff Catania
Music Editor Marc Ziegenhagen
Music Editor Iwo Iwaszkiewicz
Typography by Darren West
Contributing Editor Grant Alden
Contributing Editor Reb Beach
Contributing Editor Nick Bowcott
Contributing Editor Alan di Perna
Contributing Editor Elliot Easton
Contributing Editor Billy Gibbons
Contributing Editor Per Hoffman
Contributing Editor Jeff Kitts
Contributing Editor Ritchie Kotzen
Contributing Editor Perry Margouleff
Contributing Editor Bill Milkowski
Contributing Editor Mike Moses
Contributing Editor Tom Mulhern
Contributing Editor Les Paul
Contributing Editor Joe Satriani
Contributing Editor Steve Stevens
Contributing Editor Glenn Thrush
Contributing Photographer Larry DiMarzio
Contributing Photographer Pete Kuhns
Contributing Photographer John Livzey
Contributing Photographer Aldo Mauro
Contributing Photographer Jonnie Miles
Contributing Photographer Ebet Roberts
Contributing Photographer Lorinda Sullivan
Contributing Photographer Ann Summa
Contributing Photographer Kevin Westenberg
Contributing Photographer Neil Zlozower
Illustrator Steven Cerio
Illustrator Michael Dougan
Illustrator Mark Marek
Illustrator Jim Ryan
Illustrator Stan Shaw
Illustrator Jeff Wong (2)
Production Director/Manager Roy Mosny
Marketing Director Richard Fogel
Sales Manager Richard Ciotta
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Robert Dye
Director of Retail Sales Jonathan Rheingold
Classified Sales Executive Bob Beucler
Director of Retail Sales Phillip Foxman
About/Subject Guitar
About/Subject Music
About/Subject Exodus
About/Subject Thomas McRocklin
About/Subject Ronni Le Tekrø
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
EAN 8 02717296
EAN 2 10
Other 02135
Price $3.50
Price CAN $3.95
Price £2.50
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count 168 pages
Language English
Original Language English


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