Sigmund Freud

Delusion and Dream


Main Details
Author Sigmund Freud
Cover/Jacket Design by R. J. Christensen
Publisher Beacon Press
Introduction by Philip Rieff
Translated by Harry Zohn
Translated by I. F. Grant Duff
Translated by James Strachey
Translated by Douglas Bryan
Identifying Codes
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 56-7108
Format Trade Paperback
Page Count 238 pages
Language English
Original Language German
Notes A Note from the Book:

"Delusion and Dream in Jensen's "Gradiva" is translated in full for the first time by Harry Zohn, from the second edition of Freud's Gesammelte Schriften.

"The Relation of the Poet to Daydreaming," first published in Neue Revue, Volume I (1908), was translated by I. F. Grant Duff.

The translation of "The Occurrence in Dreams of Material from Volume I of the Internationale Zeitschrift fur Psychoanalyse (1913).

Douglas Bryan translated "A Connection Between Symbol and a Symptom," which Freud first published in the Zeitschrift, Volume IV (1916).

Helen M. Downey translated Gradiva: A Pompeiian Fancy, by Wilhelm Jensen."


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