Dig It!

Dig It! #75


Main Details
Contributor Patrick Bainée
Contributor Jacques Ball
Contributor Laurent Bigot
Contributor Blam-Blam
Contributor Captain Watt
Contributor Patrick Cazangler
Contributor Gildas Cospérec
Contributor Sylvain Coulon
Contributor Pascal Escobar
Contributor Alain Feydri
Contributor Patrick Foulhoux
Contributor Eric Jorda
Contributor Marie-Noëlle Le Guen
Contributor Nathalie Martinet
Contributor J.J. Rassler
Contributor Lo' Spider
Contributor Eric Vanhoutte
About/Subject Wayne Kramer
About/Subject The Courettes
About/Subject XYZ (2)
About/Subject The Beasts
About/Subject Kizmiaz Records
About/Subject Burger Boogaloo
About/Subject Funtastic Dracula Carnival
About/Subject Les Playboys
About/Subject Les Rats (2)
About/Subject Cathedrale
About/Subject The Rats of New York
About/Subject Slift
About/Subject Dee Rangers
Periodical Title Dig It!
Identifying Codes
ISSN 1261-2261
Issue Number 75
Format Zine
Publication Location France
Page Count 56 pages
Language French


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