Lester Bangs, Reny Brown, John Burks

Let it Bleed: Die Rolling Stones in Altamont


Main Details
About/Subject The Rolling Stones
About/Subject Hells Angels
About/Subject Altamont Speedway Free Festival
Publisher Carl Hanser Verlag
Publisher Series Reihe Hanser
First Published by Rolling Stone
Copyright Holder Carl Hanser Verlag
Author Lester Bangs
Author Reny Brown
Author John Burks
Author Sammy Egan
Author Michael Goodwin
Author Geoffrey Link
Author Greil Marcus
Author John Morthland
Author Eugene Schoenfeld
Author Patrick Thomas
Author Langdon Winner
Translated by Veith von Fürstenberg
Translated by Siegfried Schober
Epilogue by Siegfried Schober
Photography Robert Altman (2)
Photography Beth Bagby
Photography John Burke (2)
Photography Bob Garro
Photography A. Maine
Photography Gernot Newman
Photography Bill Owens
Photography Baron Wolman
Designed by Heinz Edelmann
Manufacturing by Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg
Identifying Codes
Series Number 45
Format Paperback
Publication Location München, Germany
Page Count 138 pages
Language German
Original Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes 1.-10. Tausend


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