C. S. Lewis

The Last Battle

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author C. S. Lewis
Copyright Holder C. S. Lewis
Publisher Children's Division
Imprint Lions
First Published by The Bodley Head Ltd
Printed by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd.
Illustrator Pauline Baynes
Cover Art by Stephen Lavis
Series The Chronicles of Narnia
First Published
This Edition Published
This Impression
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0 00 671669 5
Barcode 9 780006 716693
Price U.K. £2.25
Price Australia $5.95
Price N.Z. $7.95 (inc. GST)
Price Canada $3.95
EAN 5 00225
Impression/Printing No. 20
Format Paperback
Publication Location Great Britain
Page Count 173 pages
Language English
Chapters 1. By Cauldron Pool
2. The rashness of the King
3. The Ape in its glory
4. What happened that night
5. How help came to the King
6. A good night's work
7. Mainly about Dwarfs
8. What news the Eagle brought
9. The great meeting on Stable Hill
10. Who will go into the stable?
11. The pace quickens
12. Through the stable door
13. How the Dwarfs refused to be taken In
14. Night falls on Narnia
15. Further up and further in
16. Farewell to Shadowlands


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