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Paul Allgood



Main Details
Author Paul Allgood
First Hardback Printing
Identifying Codes
Barcode (EAN) 978097878949750995
Dewey Decimal Classification Number 291.4
ISBN 0978789490
Format Paperback + CD
Publication Location United States
Page Count 150 pages
Font Times Roman
Languages English, French
Original Language English
Original Title An Inextricable Tale
(H × W × D)
  • 7.2 ounces
Chapters Session 1 Here 5
Session 2 Kira 14
Session 3 Life As A Genuine Fake 18
Session 4 It Takes A Thief 21
Session 5.1 6x9(Good Old Albemarle) 25
Session 5.2 Immediately After A Bathroom Break(The First Cut) 34
Session 5.3 Still The Same Damn Session(After Yet ANOTHER Bathroom Break) 39
Session 6 Life As An Ampersand 45
Session 7 Nat Sherman &The Beauty Of The Blade 57
(Out Of)Session 8 Saul's First Vision(On The Road To Damascus-Spiritual Currency) 72
Session 9 The Rattigan(On The Eve of a Wasted Baptism-While Playing 'Marco-Polo') 80
Session 10 The Rattigan(Part Two;after it's already much too late to make a long story short) 96
Session 11 Wasted, Early Sunday Monrning(Angels, Assholes,&Demented Old Circus Monkeys) 102
Session 12 I'm Not Crazy(I only do what The Voices tell me) 109
Session 13 The Saul Shields Gospel Hour(Getting High On Jesus) 113
(Out Of)Session 14 Saul's Second Vision(On The Road To Damascus-The Dispensation&Last Goodbye) 123
Session 15 One Thing Leads To Another(Sex Crimes, Why I Hate Cops&My 16th Apology) 130
Epilogue Here(Inextricable) 148
Notes Taken from various public sources.


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