The Games Master's Kit


Main Details
Series Dark Heresy
Franchise Warhammer 40,000 Role Play
Designed by Black Industries
Designed by Owen Barnes
Designed by Alan Bligh
Designed by John French
Designed by Mike Mason
Writer Black Industries
Writer Owen Barnes
Writer Alan Bligh
Writer John French
Writer Mike Mason
Cover Art by Clint Langley
Graphic Design Mark Raynor
Cartographer/Cartography by Mark Raynor
Artist Karl Kopinski
Artist Stefan Kopinski
Artist Clint Langley
Interior Art John Blanche
Interior Art Alex Boyd
Interior Art Tom Carney
Interior Art Paul Dainton
Interior Art Wayne England
Interior Art David Gallagher
Interior Art Karl Kopinski
Interior Art Stefan Kopinski
Interior Art Clint Langley
Interior Art Adrian Smith
Interior Art John Wigley
Manager Zoe Wedderburn
Licensing Manager Owen Rees
Licensing & Acquired Rights Manager Erik Mogensen
Head of Legal and Licensing Andy Jones
Managing Developer Michael Hurley
Other Executive Developer: Jeff Tidball*
Graphic Design Kevin Childress
Publisher Christian T. Petersen
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Copyright Holder Games Workshop Limited
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-1-58994-455-8
Product Code DH02
EAN 5 51995
Barcode (EAN) 9 781589 944558
Format e-Book
Publication Location Roseville, USA
Page Count 41 pages
Language English


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