Michael Moorcock

A Nomad of the Time Streams

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Michael Moorcock
Introduction by Michael Moorcock
Imprint Borealis Legends
Publisher White Wolf Inc.*
Publisher Series The Tale of the Eternal Champion
Cover Artist Chris Moeller
Interior Art Chris Moeller
Cover Art by Henry Gordon Higgenbotham
Designed by Michael Scott Cohen
Copyright Holder Michael Moorcock
Copyright Holder (Compilation) Linda Moorcock
Copyright Holder (Compilation) Michael Moorcock
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Chris Moeller
Series Oswald Bastable
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 4
Catalog Number WW12520
ISBN 1-56504-194-1
Format Trade Paperback
Publication Location Clarkston, GA
Page Count 424 pages
Language English
Chapters vi • Introduction
1 • The Warlord of the Air
147 • The Land Leviathan
277 • The Steel Tsar


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