Richard Dudanski

Squat City Rockers


Main Details
Author Richard Dudanski
Illustrator Esperanza Romero*
Copyright Holder Dudanski*
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Romero*
Printed by Amazon
Associate Designer Ximena Hildalgo
Copy Editor Richard Davies
Copy Editor Trevor Warren
Photo Credit Esperanza Romero*
Photo Credit Ray Eagle
Photo Credit Richard Dudanski
Photo Credit Julian Yewdall
Photo Credit Simon Bramley
Photo Credit Dave Crowe
Photo Credit Dennis Morris
About/Subject The 101ers
About/Subject London
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9781494434977
Barcode 9 781494 434977
Barcode (EAN) 90000
Other 15147134R00141
Format Paperback
Publication Location Great Britain
Page Count 235 pages
Language English


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