Karl Bruckmaier

SOUND*****: Die 101 wichtigsten Platten der Popgeschichte

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Karl Bruckmaier
Copyright Holder C.H. Beck'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung
Cover Art by Groothuis + Malsy, Bremen
Lettering Jung Satzcentrum, Lahnau
Printed and Bound by C.H. Beck'sche Buchdruckerei
Publisher Verlag C.H. Beck
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9783406459863
ISBN 3-406-45986-2
Price DM 17,90, öS 131.-
Format Paperback
Publication Location Germany, Austria
Page Count 172 pages
Language German
Original Language German
Original Title Soundcheck
Chapters "Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends..."
Abteilung 1: "It's a long long way from Canada..."
Abteilung 2: "... just out of Louisiana"
Abteilung 3: "Southern trees bear a strange fruit..."
Abteilung 4: "I don't know what it is, I just play it..."
Abteilung 5: "The song remains the same"
Abteilung 6: "Gimme dat harp, boy..."
Abteilung 7: "How far can too far go?"
Abteilung 8: "Viva Last Blues..."
Abteilung 9: "Orange Crate Art..."
Abteilung 10: "Suzy, we're very interested in your development"
Abteilung 11: "There' a tear in my beer"
Abteilung 12: "I'm a cowboy, who's never seen a cow..."
Abteilung 13: "A trader in furs living in exile"
Abteilung 14: "Six feet of snow are coming through my radio"
Abteilung 15: "It doesn't take any talent to do this"
Abteilung 16: "I'm a Conservative"
Abteilung 17: "Brand New You're Retro"
Abteilung 18: "Yankee goes home"
Abteilung 19: "Too many midnights on the wrong side of life..."
Abteilung 20: "Sergeant Rock is going to help me..."
Abteilung 21: "Contort yourself five times..."
Abteilung 22: "I wanna be black"
Abteilung 23: "If he's crying at all, he is crying all the way to the bank..."
Abteilung 24: "No more fucking Rock & Roll"


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