Esther R. Ferington, Sarah D. Ince

Search for Immortality


Main Details
Author Esther R. Ferington
Author Sarah D. Ince
Publisher Time-Life Books
Copyright Holder Time-Life Books
Series Editor Jim Hicks
Art Director/Editor Thomas S. Huestis
Associate Editor Christian D. Kinney
Photo/Picture Editor Paula York-Soderlund
Text Editor Janet Cave*
Text Editor Roberta Conlan
Researcher Gwen C. Mullen
Researcher Sharon Obermiller
Art Assistant Susan M. Gibas
Coordination by/Coordinator Donna Carey
Coordination by/Coordinator Juli Duncan
Photo Director/Coordinator Julia Kendrick
Assistant Editor Donna Fountain
Publisher Series Mysteries Of The Unknown
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0 8094 6533 7
Impression/Printing No. 2
Format Hardback
Publication Location Alexandria, Virginia
Page Count 144 pages
Language English


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