Alain "Ket" Maridueña*, On The Run

Graffiti Tattoo: Kings On Skin

(This Impression)

Main Details
Periodical Title On The Run
Author Alain "Ket" Maridueña*
Art Director/Editor Don M. Zaza
Art Director/Editor Daniel Knorn
Graphic Design Daniel "Rosko" Knorn*
Layout Design Daniel "Rosko" Knorn*
Cover Art by Yes 2
Endpapers by Marco
Endpapers by Kes One
Endpapers by Mr. Went
Endpapers by Stomper
Cover Art by Med
Photo Credit Cousin Frank
Photo Credit Brian Dwels
Photo Credit Cole T. Only*
Photo Credit Daniel Varon
Photo Credit Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment
Photo Credit Ket One*
Interview by/Interviewer Alain "Ket" Maridueña*
Interview by/Interviewer Joy Hawley
Text Editor Joy Hawley
Proofreader Joy Hawley
Proofreader Amber Grünhäuser
Photo Editing Stephan Wilke
Publisher From Here To Fame Publishing
Copyright Holder From Here To Fame Publishing
Copyright Holder (Text) Alain "Ket" Maridueña*
Introduction by Ket
Artist Blen 167
Artist Ces
Artist Med
Artist Yes 2
Artist All One
Artist Chucho
Artist Circle
Artist Fibs
Artist Kes One
Artist Keet D'Arms
Artist Jason Kundell
Artist Bles
Artist Marco
Artist Timmi Mensah
Artist Pwoz
Artist Sabe
Artist Dorian Serpa
Artist Chuck
Artist Stomper
Artist Mr. Went
Artist Zodak One
This Impression
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-3-937946-62-7
Barcode 9 783937 946627
Series Number 07
Impression/Printing No. 3
Format Soft cover
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 127 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)


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