Elizabeth Pender, Cathryn Setz

Shattered Objects: Djuna Barnes's Modernism

(First Published)

Main Details
Editor Elizabeth Pender
Editor Cathryn Setz
About/Subject Djuna Barnes
Publisher The Pennsylvania State University Press
Publisher Series Refiguring Modernism
Introduction by Cathryn Setz
Introduction by Elizabeth Pender
Essay by Alex Goody
Essay by Elizabeth Pender
Essay by Rachel Potter
Essay by Bruce Gardiner
Essay by Joanne Winning
Essay by Drew Milne
Essay by Cathryn Setz
Essay by Daniela Caselli
Essay by Tyrus Miller
Essay by Melissa Jane Hardie
Essay by Julie Taylor
Afterword by Peter Nicholls
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9780271082202
Format Hardback
Publication Location USA
Page Count 233 pages
Language English


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