ENO 13

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title ENO
Editor Eirik Kydland
Publishing Manager Behnam Farazollahi
Designed by Rune Mortensen
Publisher Breb Media DA
Printed by Grøset
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Interpress Norge
About/Subject Mikal Cronin
About/Subject Erot
About/Subject King Midas
About/Subject Ikue Mori
About/Subject Gyllene Tider
About/Subject Rob Sheffield
About/Subject Verdensrommet
About/Subject William Basinski
Contributing Writer Thomas Karlsen
Illustrator Andreas Iversen
Contributing Writer Simen V. Gonsholt
Contributing Writer Tore Stavlund
Illustrator Ingunn Dybendal
Contributing Writer Audun Vinger
Poetry by Audun Mortensen
Illustrator Frode Skaren
Contributing Writer Marit Andersen
Contributing Writer Sondre Åkervik
Contributing Photographer Anders Helgerud
Contributing Photographer Andreas Kleven Rasmussen
Contributing Writer Jens M. Johansson
Contributing Writer Aksel Kielland
Contributing Writer Ola Vikås
Contributing Photographer Fredrik Bjerknes
Contributing Writer Mathias Hatleskog Tjønn
Contributing Writer Victoria Durnak
Contributing Writer Adrian Nyhammer Olsen
Contributing Photographer Chris Aadland
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9 771891 908003 03
ISSN 1891-9081
Issue Number 13
Price Kr 125,-
Format Magazine
Publication Location Norway
Page Count 92 pages
Language Norwegian
(H × W × D)


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