The Omnidoxy

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Cometan
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9781097847150
Edition No. Original Cometanic Edition
Format Paperback
Publication Location Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Page Count 5000+ pages
Font Palatino
Language English
Chapters Disquisition One - The Monodoxy: The Principles of The Aesthetic Cosmos
Disquisition Two - The Duodoxy: The Principles of The Logical Cosmos
Disquisition Three - The Tridoxy: The Principles of Aid & Stewardship
Disquisition Four - The Tetradoxy: The Principles of Justice & Patience
Disquisition Five - The Pentadoxy: The Principles of Ambition & Enlightenment
Disquisition Six - The Hexadoxy: The Principles of Ontology & Perception
Disquisition Seven - The Septidoxy: The Principles of Cosmic Exploration
Disquisition Eight - The Octadoxy: The Principles of Advancement & Eschatology
Disquisition Nine - The Nonodoxy: The Principles of Epistemology & Ethics
Disquisition Ten - The Decadoxy: The Principles of Space & Time
Disquisition Eleven - The Hendecadoxy: The Principles of Peace & Acceptance
Disquisition Twelve - The Dodecadoxy: The Principles of Imagination & Freedom
Notes The Omnidoxy (also spelt Omnidoxi, literally meaning “knowledge of all things”), is the religious text that founded Astronism and the seminal work of Cometan, the religion’s founder. It is regarded as the progenitor of Astronic culture and literature and is believed by Astronists to be the chosen work to herald the founding of the newest world religion.

Unique from other religious texts, the Omnidoxy is a rolling treatise meaning that it is subject to changes, known as redactions, by verified authors beyond its Original Cometanic edition. The Omnidoxy is divided into twelve disquisitions, each of which are structured by discourses that cover a wide range of topics across philosophy, politics, and theology. Those discourses are populated by insentensations that follow the insentence writing structure applied throughout the Omnidoxy which formats sentences into paragraphs.

Astronists also believe that the Omnidoxy was created by Cometan through a form of revelation known as personal inspiration, which is an indirect divine revelation formed by intensive ideations. The era in which this revelation occurred is known as The Founding of Astronism and took place over a period of exactly seven years and began on 1st July 2013 and ended on 1st July 2020. Most Astronists also considered the Omnidoxy to be proof of the personage of Cometan as well as Cometan’s prodigious theological and philosophical understanding and his prophethood.

A discipline of study was established by Cometan during the creation of the Omnidoxy known as omnidoxicology in order to systematically study the text. The Omnidoxy was left open to interpretation by Cometan and so various exegeses have taken place that have been applied to the text resulting in a number of interpretations.

As a text of the Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies, the Omnidoxy is not familiar to the narratives of any other religious texts. It is comprised of an extensive series of musings on a variety of philosophical and religious disciplines such as ethics, epistemology, theology, and eschatology. The Omnidoxy is described as a religious and philosophical text, however, it also includes a dictionary, an encyclopaedia, diary entries, poetry, and biographical writing. This points to the reason for why Cometan post-omnidoxically created the word amalgamalia to denote a book that encompassed a range of different types of books.

The Omnidoxy was originally published by The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism and a variety of belief orientations exist in relation to a range of topics including omnidoxical authority, attributes of the Omnidoxy, and the relationship between the Omnidoxy and Astronism.


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